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(With apologies to George Lucas.)

Battlelines drawn, what does it take to be a Share Wars soldier?

From the telegraph to the smartphone, journalists reporting from the front have always drawn upon the latest gadgets. Every day, though, a different kind of war reporter pushes technology in a very different theatre of war. I speak, of course, of the Internet, where pitched battles are fought by newsrooms across the most unassuming of […]

The Reddit Edit

Benji Lanyado is a journalist, coder – and a glimpse of the future?

When I first heard about The Reddit Edit, I thought it was a nifty idea. It takes Reddit’s functional, information-laden appearance and turns it into a streamlined, colourful depiction of the top trending stories. The top three stories are displayed in an easy-to-use side-scrolling interface, plucked from five popular subreddits: /r/worldnews, /r/politics, /r/technology, /r/science and […]